Many OS supported

We offer the greatest range of Operation systems for our devices.  

High quality for every budget!

We are leading in measures of quality and price. Embed your Idea now!

Spot on!

We manufacture custom devices on request. Software and Hardware suitable for any specialized needs. 

Huge product range

Embedded solutions from 4" to 10" Displays for all leading platforms like Beaglebone, Pandaboard and Beagleboard as well as Industrial grade all in one devices.


Embedded and Panel PC

Industrial Control equipment with and without case featuring high performance as well as CAN, RS232, IO, Ethernet, GSM and  Wifi. 

Chipsee BBB5inch Debian

Platform expansion boards

Expansion boards for common platforms as Beaglebone, Beaglebone Black, Pandaboard, Pandaboard ES, Beagleboard and Beagleboard-XM. 

SOM A1green-011-nobck

System on Modules

Develop your own Embedded System with a 4 layer PCB only without taking care about timing sensitive RAM and flash traces. This is the easiest way to produce own embedded devices.


Custom Solutions

We manufacture custom solutions for medium and high volume projects. Our high qualified developer team will develop a solution specifically tailored to your measure.

What we do

Chipsee is a designer and manufacturer of industrial PC and development tools for many popular hardware development platforms, such as the PandaBoard, BeagleBoard and BeagleBone.

The current Chipsee product line includes:

Industrial PC

    • 5, 7, 8, 10-inch display
    • Resistive and capacitive touch screen
    • TI Sitara AM33xx processor
    • Linux/Android/Windows operating system
    • Ethernet, RS232, RS485, CAN ports
    • GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth options
    • Custom design on request.

Expansion boards for the PandaBoard, BeagleBone and BeagleBoard

    • 5 or 7-inch LCD display
    • Resistive or Capacitive touch screen
    • Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, sensor
    • User buttons
    • WiFi module
    • RS232, RS485, CAN port
    • I/O

Custom and Customized devices

    • Complete custom products, 100% designed to customer needs
    • Customized Chipsee products 
    • Compareable Low NRE costs
    • Fast hardware development - from 2 month to custom embedded systems prototype

All the Chipsee products are ROHS and CE certified and offer the best quality at the most competitive price.



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