800*480 Pixel 5 Inch LCD Capacitive Touch Cape for Beaglebone Black

Product Description


Sells only 85USD

Totally comaptiable to Beaglebone LCD7Cape:
  1.Display:5 Inch LCD,800*480Pixel. 
  2.Touch:   Five-Point Capacitive Touch
  3.Buttons:5 User Button,1 Reset Button,1 Power Button;

  1. RS232: COM0_DEBUG; Connect COM0 out from Beaglebone Black,and change it to RS232 Level Signal
     It's very useful for user to debug.
     And also keep the TTL UART0 on the Cape for those who have TTL-USB  UART Module on hand.

  2. User RS232: 1 Channel;

  3. User RS485; 1 Channel;

  4. User CAN: 1 Channel;

  5. User Key: 5 ;

  6. User LED: 2;

  7.  Add boot method switch on the Cape,user can change the switch position to change the boot sequence.

  8.  Use Metal Frame to band the LCD to the PCB,it make this Cape very reliable for Industrial Usage;

  9.  Very low Cost.


  1. Support Angstrom,Android 4.2 ,Debian by default.
  2. Support Windows CE7, TI Linux.(Released by Chipsee)


Additional Information

PDF Please contact us for Datasheet
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