Pandaboard ES

Pandaboard ES

Product Description


Pandaboard ES is an OMAP4460 platform designed to provide access to as many of the powerful features
of the OMAP4460 Multimedia Processor as possible, while maintaining a low cost. This will allow the
user to develop software to utilize the features of the powerful OMAP4460 processor. In addition, by
providing expandability via onboard connectors, the Pandaboard ES supports development of additional
capabilities/functionality. See Table 1 for a listing of the Pandaboard ES features.



POP Memory:Elpida 8Gb LPDDR2 (EDB8064B1PB-8D-F)
PMIC:TI (TWL6030 Power Management Companion IC)
1Debug Support:4-pin JTAG GPIO Pins  UART via DB-9 connector LEDs
PCB: 4.5” x 4.0” (114.3 x 101.6 mm) 8 layers
Indicators:3 LEDs (two user-controlled, one overvoltage indicator)
HS USB 2.0 OTG Port:Mini-AB USB connector, sourced from OMAP USB Transceiver
HS USB Host Port: Four USB HS Ports, up to 500mA current out on each, two to onboard connectors, two to expansion connectors
Audio Connectors: 3.5mm, L+R out 3.5mm, Stereo In
SD/MMC Connector: 6 in 1 SD/MMC/SDIO,4/8 bit support, Dual voltage
User Interface: 1-User defined button,Reset Button,SYSBOOT3 switch
Video: DVI-D or HDMI Optional user provided plug-in display
Power Connector: USB Power DC Power
Camera: Not included, but supported via camera expansion connector


Additional Information

PDF Please contact us for Datasheet
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